About Us

Ashish Vaity is a Director of Exuberance. He is Psychologist and NLP Master. Also having experience of 25 years in Coaching, Training, Consulting, and Counseling. By using these tools he has succeeded more than 50,000+ people. From last 10 years, he is delivering LIFE MAKEOVER, BUSINESS MAKEOVER, SMART PARENTING & SMART STUDENT WORKSHOPS.He is expertise in the field of Psychological Counseling, Business Counseling, Training & Coaching.

In addition he has started Miraculous Life, Angels Therapies & Spiritual Workshop.
He believes that following 7 essentials in everyone’s Life.

These 7 essentials are pillars of individual Life. Ultimately these are the secrets to be Achieve your Goals in Life. He is a Life Solutionist…. Let’s Begin to a Journey of Miraculous life from Today. Get in touch exuberancedirector@gmail.com